May 13, 2015

Marking Life Moments with My New Cairn Collection

Anytime I have encountered a cairn on a trail, I stop to take in my surroundings. It feels like an invitation to breath and cherish the moment. The carefully stacked stone sculptures were made by someone on their journey: marking a moment in time, a directional change in their path or an honoring to a loved one who had left this life.cairn play

cairn play backI have been making drawings of cairns for a while now. Trying out some free form models in clay and finally playing with my first silver metal versions. Bringing these stacked, rounded shapes to life have made me more aware of the transitions in my own life. I have designed a delicate spine on the backside of the pieces. The stones speak of a delicate balancing act: strong and fragile at the same time.

Just like my own spine that has held me up during the darkest of days, I embrace the hidden strength that only the wearer of this jewelry will ever see. As I reach the two year mark since losing my husband, I honor my widowship. I have sailed on to create a beautiful new life with his blessing. As if we had taken a long hike and stacked stones to mark his transition to his new path, I honor you, Greg. Peace.

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