Jul 02, 2015

The Winner is….First Social Media Giveaway at Maggie Bokor Jewelry

instagram soaring bird giveawayOne of the interesting aspects of running a business is today’s world is our constant connection to the world wide web and social media. I must admit that I spend a great deal more of my time trolling through images on Instagram or daily posts on Facebook than I probably should, the reality is that time on your phone aps has become an important part of marketing research and a very valuable resource. (I must confess that my hours of watching silly animal videos…well that is just for me.)

winner june 2015I ran my first ever Giveaway on Instragram and Facebook over the past few weeks. It’s a great way to get the word out about your work AND I get to giveaway a brand new piece that I will be showcasing this summer at the NY Now Summer Wholesale show, so it feels extra special to me. I was impressed with the number of people who decided to get involved and feel encouraged with the comments I have received about the direction I am moving with my work.

instragram winner pick by dakota june 2015Yesterday, Jackie and I chose the winner. Actually Dakota chose it by sticking his nose deep in the bowl and pulling out the winning name. We think he was trying to eat it, but we were able to retrieve the folded tasteless treat and gave him a bone as a reward. Good dog!

The way someone entered was to LIKE the image and start following me on Instagram, LIKE and SHARE the post and start following me on Facebook. OR you could send me a picture of yourself wearing a Maggie Bokor Jewelry piece with a description about your connection to the work.

I was so excited to receive this image and email from Susan Foster. Not only was it a wonderful testament of how she FEELS wearing my jewelry, but also her connection to the new Soaring Bird Jewelry I am making. In her own words:

susan wearing mbjHi Maggie. I would love to enter the drawing for the jewelry giveaway simply because I adore your jewelry. I currently own two of your pieces. Attached is a picture of me wearing my favorite necklace while I’m hiking the beautiful Red Mountain trail in Colorado Springs. I love that I can casually wear your jewelry on a hike or I can wear it to dress up an outfit for girls night out.  Best of luck to you and your new line which I’m excited about. I am an art teacher at Cheyenne Mountain Elementary and we are the Soaring Eagles!  Our mascot is an Eagle and the students “SOAR” in the hallways.  Take Care. Fondly, Susan Foster

How awesome is that! Congrats to Rachel @Freaky.Frye who won the new Soaring Bird necklace and a HUGE thank you to all who participated. I am looking forward to sharing more work with you all in this fun way!



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May 31, 2015

The Incredible Gift of Artist Friends

hands and flowersEvery time I return from a show, I am full of joy from visiting with all of my fantastic artistic friends and making a few new ones along the way. Part of the fun of wholesale and retail shows is meeting your neighboring designers from all over the country. It’s a rich and vitally important part of my life. We are all artists working towards the same goal of sharing a part of our creative selves with the world. We support, comfort and urge each other to grow. We share our experiences around techniques, business practices and all of the trials and tribulations of being a self-employed maker.

I am lucky enough to share a studio with two amazing artisans, Mary Anne Cary and Tina Dinsmore. My awesome assistant Jackie Kitts makes my life so much easier and our new intern Danielle is a pleasure to have at the studio. Having that creative energy flowing from room to room is enough to keep me motivated to keep showing up. It’s hard to believe that SoPo Art Studios was founded in South Portland six years ago. We have seen each other through some really rough times, danced through our days, laughed, cried, struggled and celebrated all of the wonderful work that has been produced in our sweet little studio.

The depth of my artist friendships are hard to describe. There is an innate bond between us. A special tribe that you don’t need a special handshake to join, only an investment into sharing your soul’s expression.



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