The Incredible Gift of Artist Friends

May 31, 2015

The Incredible Gift of Artist Friends

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hands and flowersEvery time I return from a show, I am full of joy from visiting with all of my fantastic artistic friends and making a few new ones along the way. Part of the fun of wholesale and retail shows is meeting your neighboring designers from all over the country. It’s a rich and vitally important part of my life. We are all artists working towards the same goal of sharing a part of our creative selves with the world. We support, comfort and urge each other to grow. We share our experiences around techniques, business practices and all of the trials and tribulations of being a self-employed maker.

I am lucky enough to share a studio with two amazing artisans, Mary Anne Cary and Tina Dinsmore. My awesome assistant Jackie Kitts makes my life so much easier and our new intern Danielle is a pleasure to have at the studio. Having that creative energy flowing from room to room is enough to keep me motivated to keep showing up. It’s hard to believe that SoPo Art Studios was founded in South Portland six years ago. We have seen each other through some really rough times, danced through our days, laughed, cried, struggled and celebrated all of the wonderful work that has been produced in our sweet little studio.

The depth of my artist friendships are hard to describe. There is an innate bond between us. A special tribe that you don’t need a special handshake to join, only an investment into sharing your soul’s expression.



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